Perfect Water For Life!

Midwest Water Systems

Midwest Water Systems is a Central Ohio based water purification and water softening company offering sales, service, and installation of water conditioning products. We believe that providing pure as well as great tasting water is one of the greatest services anyone could enjoy. We also believe that your quality of life can be greatly enhanced by water that tastes great and feels amazing. Above all, we believe that everyone should have Perfect Water for Life! Here is just a little bit about what makes us special.


Midwest Water Systems represents almost 30 YEARS of water conditioning experience.   We feature a streamlined business that works exclusively, installs, and services water purifier and softener products.   As water purification and conditioning experts, we offer immense benefit to every customer and family we serve.  You can be certain that the experience and technical knowledge that we bring will lead to a professional installation and service on every visit.


Midwest Water Systems exclusively specializes in water purification and treatment solutions for municipal and well water.  We also offer distinctive customer support by revisiting your home once a year for every premium drinking water system that we install.  From changing filters and standard maintenance, we come back every year to ensure your Reverse Osmosis system is creating the same premium water even years after installation.  This means that when we annually revisit your home, we will also check any other products we have installed, at no extra charge!


We offer an outstanding warranty guarantee on every product we sell and install.   As some of our warranties last a lifetime, you can be sure there is no better guarantee in the water purification and conditioning business…and because we’ve been installing water purifiers and softeners since 1996, we have seen it all, and know exactly which units will pass the test of time… and provide you and your loved ones with Perfect Water for Life!

Customer Testimonials

“Eric is both the owner and installer and did an excellent job of explaining the problem and offering options. He was prompt, effective, knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions. The installation was neat and clean. I highly recommend him.”

– Larry Lytle

“Eric is the consummate professional. Very knowledgeable, excellent customer service, prompt, always answers when you need him, and the product and installation are amazing! Can’t say enough… always get someone you trust and Eric/Midwest Water Softeners, LLC is who you WANT/NEED to have. Will recommend him to anyone I know!

– Ian N. in Pickerington, OH

“First of all thanks for the Reviewers.  The positive reviews made us to chose  MIDWEST for Water softener and RO for our  New House. About Eric, he is  very professional , detailed, on-time Person. . We can see the vast difference in our water. Enjoying it. Thank you ERIC.”

– Gopalakrishnan V. in Lewis Center, OH