Our Warranty


We believe that WHO installs your water conditioning and purification system is every bit as important as WHAT you install.  Because this is true, we commit every day to offering PERFECT WATER FOR LIFE to every single family we serve by offering one of the best guarantees in the Water Treatment Industry.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Midwest Water Systems wants to deliver PERFECT WATER FOR LIFE for every single customer we serve. Not only is this our main goal as a water conditioning and purification company, but we feature and install only outstanding water treatment products with a powerful guarantee. Most especially with water softening, Midwest Water is the exclusive distributor and installer of VESTA Premium Water Conditioning Technologies. Not only do we stand behind every installation, but Midwest Water provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY on every Water Softener that we install. Below is our Vesta Water Conditioning LIFETIME Warranty we provide – in writing – for every installation.


Every VESTA Single or Twin-Tank Water Conditioning System sold and installed by Midwest Water Systems includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The VESTA Limited Lifetime Warranty is guaranteed on parts and labor for the LIFETIME of the unit. The warranty is non-transferrable, and applies exclusively to the original owner. The VESTA Water Softener Warranty is VOID if water PRETREATMENT conditions are not met including (but not limited to) nonexistent or ineffective FILTRATION of excessive IRON content of 4 ppm or higher.  If after consultation by a Midwest Water Systems employee, the customer is unwilling or unable to pretreat for system damaging conditions, a standard 10 year parts and labor warranty will apply.