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9000 - 9100 Series Softeners

Fleck Brand Twin-Tank Control valves

9000 - 9001 Series Water SoftenerTwin-tank systems provide your family with soft water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s because the second tank of soft water acts as a backup, ready to immediately provide soft water once 1005 of the first tank is used. While the second tank is in service, the first tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water.

Noryl or Lead-Free Brass Construction

Manufactured from high-tech Noryl® material, the 9100 valve has been engineered and tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use. The time-tested 9000 control features lead-free brass construction.

15% Savings in Both Water and Salt

Unlike preset systems, the twin-tank system regenerates with soft water only when necessary. Plus, it uses 100% of the tank in service. The end result? Fifteen percent savings in both water and salt.

Electronic or Mechanical

Your choice of the highly reliable 3200 mechanical timer or advanced SE electronic timer with easy programming and minimal parts.

Large Homes and Families

Large families will appreciate the Fleck high flow capacity one-inch control valve. Large homes with one-inch plumbing will benefit from the Fleck 9000’s one-inch control valves high flow rates. This means you will have plenty of soft water to do laundry, take showers, and run the dishwasher all at the same time.

Only Pennies Per Day to Operate

Choose the SE electronic timer and you’ll pay only $4.87 in electricity for the entire year; choose the mechanical timer and that cost is less than 25 cents per year!

Additional Features of the Nelsen Brand Water Conditioning Systems

High quality, cation water softener exchange resin. Tough, high density, polyethylene salt storage tank. Additional features available to match any décor. Full five-year control valve warranty and ten-year tank warranty.

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